As detailed in our ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) Investment Policy, we believe responsible investing is essential to deliver long-term value – to our partners and wider society.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Our decision-making is guided by environmental, social and governance concerns.

Aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG)

Translink aims to align with the United Nations’ goals 8.3, 9.4 and 10.2 covering:

Supporting and encouraging productive activities, job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation

Advancing industries to make them more sustainable

Promoting inclusivity

We map our Fund IV portfolio companies against the UNSDGs and apply a common vocabulary when discussing ESG issues.

A word to our portfolio

We need you to consider the ESG dimension of your business. Our support for that includes:

  • Assessment of the ESG status of your company
  • Assistance in developing ESG toolkits
  • Implementation of best practice ESG
  • Resources to implement carbon balancing

Teamwork is everything

To advance our ESG policies, Translink will:

  • Offer ESG support to our portfolio companies
  • Share our ESG policies and related documentation with all employees
  • Provide ESG training
  • Engage third parties to assess aspects of ESG when appropriate

Making things better

We work with our portfolio companies to increase ESG awareness and reduce ESG risk.

In matters of environment, health and safety, labor relations, human rights, business practices, and governance, Translink adheres to the laws and regulations governing the communities where we operate.

Accountability, transparency, implementation

Translink is committed to accountability. Our LPs receive full disclosure about Translink ESG matters. We support our ESG policies, implementation and management with:

  • A range of resources
  • Regular stakeholder engagement
  • Ongoing research
  • Periodic policy reviews


Let’s connect

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