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Intuition Robotics enables the creation of enduring relationships between humans and machines through digital companion agents. Digital companion agents are the natural evolution of digital assistants, replacing utilitarian voice command with a bidirectional relationship based on empathy, trust and anticipation of needs, to effectively influence behaviors and emotions. These agents are powered by the company’s cognitive AI runtime engine, Q. Use cases: Healthy aging - ElliQ®, a tabletop in-home care companion powered by Q, supports primary care providers and care teams in delivering more effective, holistic care for their older adult patients, extending their reach beyond the clinic and into the home. Using engine Q’s cognitive AI, ElliQ understands if, when, and how to effectively interact with older adult patients, to motivate and encourage them to partake in healthy behavior, build healthy habits, and adhere to the care plan that’s been prescribed to them throughout the day. ElliQ does this by forming a bond with each individual patient, and proactively engaging and guiding them through a variety of health and wellness activities based on their unique care plan. Automotive - Q for Automotive, Intuition Robotics’ digital companion for mobility, is the company’s product for automotive OEMs. It’s revolutionizing the in-car experience, empowering people and digital companions to team up together in harmony. Q for Automotive utilizes cars’ existing sensors and interfaces to create a comprehensive user experience via the in-car agent, one that’s consistent with the OEM’s brand. It also eases adoption of autonomous technology by enabling the co-driving experience and handoff. Intuition Robotics is collaborating with leading automotive customers such as Toyota Research Institute (TRI), to power their in-car companion agent, Yui. The company is working with additional automotive OEMs to create their branded in-car digital companion agents.
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