Jonas Kjellstrand

Senior Advisor


Investment Focus & Current Projects

Jonas serves as a Senior Advisor to Translink Capital. He plays a pivotal role for the firm in evaluating and connecting into large company and institutional investors as well as the innovation and start-up ecosystems in Northern Europe. He is an experienced professional with over 25 years of various positions in large multinationals and while Jonas lately have been focused on advising the large industrial Sweden based companies his career started young as an entrepreneur with his first company at the age of 13.

Professional Journey

Jonas joins Translink Capital from a role of working with board of directors and management teams on how to take advantage of technologies, serve existing and access new markets. He draws on his broad industry knowledge from being a technology entrepreneur, corporate investor and executive in a global analytics leader. Jonas work with large multinationals combined with Translink Capitals venture expertise serves well in the adress of new investment eco systems and markets.


Jonas is educated at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stockholm School of Economics and MIT. He holds an MBA in technology Innovation and business strategy.


When outside his normal tasks, Jonas can be found finding rare, restoring and designing cars, and he designed the world’s first environmentally styled hybrid car in 2007. He is based in Stockholm with his wife and family of four children.


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